X3 Bar Review – Portable, Heavy-Resistance Band Training on the road or at home

The X3 Bar is a very simple piece of equipment. It consists of a specially-designed bar, bands and a foot plate.

The key to how this setup works lies in how you use the three components to perform exercises ranging from standing bench press to front squats to Romanian deadlifts and much more.

The bands attach to the bar via the hooks on the ends. The foot plate is used for exercises that require an anchor point for the bands, such as deadlifts or curls. The foot plate gives you a wider base to loop the bands under so that the bands are pulling up directly against your feet (which can be annoying when using very thick bands).

The exercises you can do with the X3 are many and they consist of the « classic » strength training exercises, such as squats, presses and deadlifts.

The question is…can these exercises be effectively done with the X3 Bar at home or while travelling?

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