Zercher Squats w/ Limit Force Elastics® Resistance Bands

Utilizing elastic resistance to perform Zercher Squats is a great way to develop power and explosiveness. This type of training with WeckMethod Resistance Bands, available here: , is extremely productive for all levels and types of fitness and athletes alike.

Coiling Core Training®, Limit Force Elastic Training® and Compression Strength Training™are new training concepts developed to work hand-in-hand with the WeckMethod Resistance Bands. These concepts offer new exercises and techniques which will redefine the way you use resistance bands.

WeckMethod Resistance Bands come complete with propriety and innovative training sent directly to your inbox (if preferred) and/or easily accessible online.

WeckMethod Resistance Bands are a key training tool for your arsenal. Durable, functional and multipurpose, WeckMethod Resistance Bands are used for a variety of exercises from mobility and strength training to conditioning and injury prevention.

What truly sets the WeckMethod Resistance Bands apart from other resistance bands is the unique programming (training & exercises) included with your purchase. Coiling Core Training®, Limit Force Elastic® Training, and Compression Strength Training™ are all techniques you will learn which open a whole new door for resistance band training.

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